Get a Tree

Get Your Free Trees

We will have several dates for first come, first served events in the community AND tree orders this fall. Visit our events page for more information and dates!

There are several ways that you can get trees to plant on your property and be part of the Million Tree Challenge to help make London greener and leafier one tree at a time!

As an Individual

Here are a few different places to get a tree to plant in your yard:

  • Tree Depots are ReForest London tree giveaway events which happen each spring and fall for homeowners to get beautiful native and fruit trees to plant on their own property. 
  • Visit a local garden centre and purchase the perfect tree for your property! We have several great garden centres in London where you can find some beautiful trees. Be sure to visit our Million Tree Challenge Partners who sell trees:  A&M Garden Centre, Baseline Nurseries & Garden Centre Heeman’s, Little Creek Tree Farm, and Parkway Garden Centre.
  • Keep your eye out for other tree sales and giveaway opportunities in the Forest City such as: UTRCA and London Hydro’s Tree Power or the annual National Tree Day giveaways hosted by the City of London.


As a Business

Trees are good for business! Transform a portion of your property into an economically and environmentally beneficial green space. We can help you do this with a variety of options and the potential for TreeMe grants from the City of London to help covers costs.

Industrial, commercial and institutional properties need not be vast expanses of turf grass, pruned shrubs and annual flowers, with landscaping fees escalating over time. Once established, a forest needs little maintenance and produces monetary, environmental and community benefits.

Compelling reasons to plant trees on your property:

Save money - Properly located and managed, trees can reduce demand for energy and maintenance of your built assets.

  • 30% reduction of summer cooling costs
  • 15% reduction of winter heating costs
  • 35% easier to attract knowledge workers to your business
  • 15% increase in property value
  • Increased lifespan of parking lots asphalt

Your employees, your neighbours and your city all benefit from trees. Trees have an immediate positive impact on the look and feel of your business and neighbourhood, and can favourably influence the perception of your business by Londoners, your employees and your clients.

  • Improve air quality at the local level
  • Contribute to the attractiveness of your neighbourhood
  • Clear demonstration to employees that your business is community-minded and environmentally conscious
  • Reduction of workplace stress for your employees
  • Gain recognition for supporting your community
  • 7 decibel reduction in noise levels per 100 feet of forest

There are so many benefits to planting trees on your property. We would love to talk to you about it so please get in touch! Contact Sheila Creighton, Partnerships and Marketing Manager sheila [at] (subject: Planting%20trees%20on%20my%20property) (by email) or at 519-936-9548 Ext. 228.