Help London reach the million new trees goal by supporting ReForest London and its work on this community-wide challenge. Together, we can dream big, really big!

Your dollars have impact, they

  • Plant trees in all corners of our city
  • Naturalize and restore the urban forest
  • Educate children and community members about the importance of trees and their benefits
  • Support and care for newly planted tress to ensure healthy vibrant trees
  • Promote an active, passionate and devoted community
  • Support science - and research-based initiatives
  • Create a healthier, more sustainable London

ReForest London is grateful for every donation made. We are committed to achieving our dream of a leafy legacy for the Forest City. We will work endlessly to empower and educate our community and improve ecosystem health. With your support, we can all take a step closer to the vision of a healthier community for every Londoner!